pic-misc-1B&B Villa Nante’s geographic coordinates are: 46° 12’ 29” North and 8° 14’ 38” South.
Varzo can be reached via the Simplon freeway: if you come from the South you must leave the freeway at the second exit for Varzo, then follow the signposts on the side of the road; if you come from Switzerland, i.e. from the North, you must exit at the freeway’s first junction signposted “Varzo Trasquera” then follow the signposts on the side of the road.
There are two entries to the estate: a footpath, approx. 200 m from Varzo railway station and from the stops of bus lines serving Varzo (Auto Postale Svizzera, Comazzi and Prontobus, the mountain community service); the driveway is easily accessible from the Simplon trunk road.
The estate has a private car park and a deposit for skis and bicycles.
Pets are welcome subject to advanced agreement on their specific requirements.