The premises

pic-misc-1B&B Villa Nante consists of three bedrooms, situated in two different buildings. The layout of the villa has remained unchanged since the year of its foundation, almost 150 years ago. The park surrounds the main house, with the Carlotta and Francesco rooms; while the old lodge, nearer the driveway, houses the breakfast room, the reception, and the Alba room.
The park is graced with rivulets, and there is a natural spring inside the garden itself, feeding a pond and a small lake; ancient trees, tall and majestic or short and twisted, provide shade, fruit, and colour. Nature steals the scene in an environment where the artificial is reduced to a bare minimum, and where even the tables, benches, walls, paths and driveway are entirely hand-made out of stone.


Via Fontana, 8 - 28868 Varzo (VB)

+39 334 1617594

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