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pic-misc-1 Ideally placed between the Alps and Lake Maggiore, Varzo holds a strong appeal for tourists; within its municipal territory, towers the mighty peak of Monte Leone (3554 m), the highest of the Lepontine Alps. At the foot of its majestic northern face stretches the grassy basin of Alpe Veglia, one of the broadest moraine amphitheatres of the central-western Alps, inside one of the earliest natural parks established by the Piedmont Region.
The mountains surrounding Varzo lend themselves to all types of Alpine sports: peaks that can be reached in challenging rock and ice climbing expeditions; hikes among high-altitude mountain pastures and prairies filled, at the start of the season, with flowers of a thousand colours; climbing gyms, with routes equipped for beginners or for advanced-level climbers. The Varzo territory is also home to three legs of Sentiero Italia, the prestigious trekking route that traverses the whole peninsula, from Sicily and Sardinia to Trieste.
For the winter season at Varzo, there is the San Domenico skiing resort, whose ski lift facilities have undergone intensive extension and modernising works in recent years; ample downhill pistes, with a difference in altitude of over a 1000 m; a snow park equipped for snowboarding; school camp with conveyor-belt ski lift. Chair-lifts, which also operate in summer, are a quick and convenient means for reaching the starting point of many high-altitude Alpine routes and tracks.
In the spring, lovers of off-track skiing can use Varzo as a base for the many rewarding routes available in the Simplon pass and Alta Val Formazza regions, both an easy drive from Varzo.
pic-misc-1Near Varzo, cross-country skiers will find, in the Vigezzo and Riale valleys, pistes used for high level competitions; with its 1700 m altitude, the Riale piste is one of the highest of the entire Alpine arc, which is why it is chosen by many national teams for their training.
In recent years the area has also acquired a spa: exploiting the waters of a hot spring containing calcium-sulphite – recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases – the town of Premia has opened an ample thermal centre with indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, hydro pools and every possible fitness amenity.
Varzo is the main built-up area in the Divedro valley which, from the plane north of Domodossola, swerves sharply westward towards Switzerland and the Simplon pass. Both the international Simplon Road and the railway connecting Milan with Geneva and Paris run the entire length of the valley. Varzo’s location on a trade and communication route active since ancient Roman times has rendered the area open-minded and cosmopolitan. At the turn of the twentieth century, with the works for the Simplon railway tunnel, Varzo drew workers from all parts of Italy; many of them settled here permanently, contributing to create the cultural melting pot that has further extended the valley’s outlook.
B&B Villa Nante lies at a stone’s throw from the Simplon trunk road and from the railway station, and consists of a nineteenth-century villa and a guest house located inside a park lush with exotic trees, conceived by its original owners as a small arboretum.


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